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Mental Resilience & Body Inclusivity in Figure Skating

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In a study on the symptomatology of eating disorders in Canadian competitive figure skaters, researchers found that 92.7% of the forty-one skaters surveyed reported pressure to lose weight.

Taylor, G. & Ste-Marie, D.M. (2001). Eating disorders symptoms in Canadian female pair and dance figure skaters. International Journal of Sport Psychology, 32, 21-28.

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We’ve all seen it! An athlete that is consistent in training, but falls apart under pressure. Or the skater that Here, we are talking about athletes who are lacking “mental toughness.” 

This workbook contains exercises to challenge current patterns of thinking, in addition to providing a variety of different tools and resources for overcome mental barriers. 

Every coach's technique and way of instructing is different, as such this workbook will not teach technique. Instead, it will educate and provide tools to cultivate strong, mentally resilient athletes. 

Coaches can also utilize the tools in this workbook in their lessons to help their skaters overcome barriers to success. ​


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Retired figure skater passionate about mental resilience and body inclusivity in aesthetic sports.

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“Instead of imagining that well-being is only possible at a specific weight, a weight-inclusive approach considers empirically supported practices that enhance people’s health in patient care and public health settings regardless of where they fall on the weight spectrum.”

Tracy L. Tylka, 2014