In a study on the symptomatology of eating disorders in Canadian competitive figure skaters, researchers found that 92.7% of the forty-one skaters surveyed reported pressure to lose weight.

Taylor, G. & Ste-Marie, D.M. (2001). Eating disorders symptoms in Canadian female pair and dance figure skaters. International Journal of Sport Psychology, 32, 21-28.

Do No Harm: A Nutrition Education & Mental Health Resilience

Course for Coaches in Aesthetic Sports

Available Privately and in Groups 
90min session/8x

This workshop was created for coaches working with figure skaters, gymnasts, and dancers.

Do No Harm is a basic rule for anyone who takes on the role as coach. Each and every one of us are doing the best we can with the tools we have been given. Nonetheless, we are all human. Meaning that we have all done harm and will likely do harm again in the future.  The point of this course is not to point out faults or cause pain. The purpose is to provide various tools to handle difficult coaching situations in a way that facilitates resilience for all athletes. The goal is to create a safe space that cultivates growth. 

In this workshops, coaches will have a safe space to discuss the following topics: importance of inclusivity and diversity in aesthetic sports, introduction to Health At Every Size®, process thinking vs. linear thinking, cognitive distortions, cognitive restructuring, self-compassion, an introduction to nutrition education, amenorrhea and Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (RED-S), eating disorder prevention and awareness, body image, mental illness, dealing with difficult coaching situations (parents, retirement, performance anxiety).

Coaches will learn the psychological and physical factors that influence an athlete's performance and will walk away with resources and tools to set and maintain boundaries.

All workshops are name your own price to be mindful of the financial hardship many are experiencing.

Navigating COVID-19 as an Athlete - An Identity Workshop for Athletes

Available Privately or in Groups

So much of an athlete's identity revolves around their sport. As rinks and gyms close, it's easy to feel completely lost. Or even feel like you're having an identity crisis. In this 2-hour workshop, athletes will begin to explore all aspects of their identity, both in and outside their sport. In this interactive group coaching course, athletes will be given a variety of tools, worksheets and resources and leave with concrete goals for the next two months. 

Workshop Topics:

  • What is Identity?

  • Five Aspects of Personal Identity

  • Wheel of Life Identity Activity

  • Action Plans​

  • Coping with Difficult Emotions

  • Emotions in the Body 

  • My Body's Clues Activity

  • Why is all this important? 

All workshops are name your own price to be mindful of the financial hardship many are experiencing.


“Instead of imagining that well-being is only possible at a specific weight, a weight-inclusive approach considers empirically supported practices that enhance people’s health in patient care and public health settings regardless of where they fall on the weight spectrum.”

Tracy L. Tylka, 2014