Wellness & Health Coach and Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor

Aimie combines Wellness & Health Coaching and the principles of Intuitive Eating© to help clients identify their barriers to change, build self-efficacy skills, and develop healthy relationships with food by learning how to nourish and accept their now body.


Navigating COVID-19 as an Athlete - An Identity Workshop for Athletes

Are you taking a break from training due to of COVID? So much of an athlete's identity revolves around their sport, so as gyms and rinks close, it's easy to feel lost.

So much of an athlete's identity revolves around their sport. As rinks and gyms close, it's easy to feel completely lost. Or even feel like you're having an identity crisis. In this 2-hour workshop, athletes will begin to explore all aspects of their identity, both in and outside their sport. In this interactive group coaching course, athletes will be given a variety of tools, worksheets and resources and leave with concrete goals for the next two months. 

This workshop is name your own price to be mindful of the financial hardship many are experiencing.

Workshop Topics:

  • What is Identity?

  • Five Aspects of Personal Identity

  • Wheel of Life Identity Activity

  • Action Plans​

  • Coping with Difficult Emotions

  • Emotions in the Body 

  • My Body's Clues Activity

  • Why is all this important? 


A little about Aimie!

Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, Wellness & Health Coach, and Neuro-Wellness Coach

Aimie Epoch graduated from Western Washington University with a B.S. in Psychology and B.A. in Biology in early 2018. Aimie is an Intuitive Eating Counselor, trained & certified by the Original Intuitive Eating Pros. In addition, Aimie is a Certified Wellness & Health Coach and a Certified Neuro-Wellness Coach.


Aimie has been a huge influence in that I've been inspired to give myself permission to love myself, in whatever stage my body's at. Since the first day we met, she has been a pillar and a role model of self confidence and encouraging wisdom. Her heart is leading her to help others heal their own. It's beautiful!


Photography by Tailor James