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Athlete Welfare, Mental Resilience & Body Inclusivity in Aesthetic Sports

Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor and
Health & (Neuro) Wellness Coach

Figure Skating


  • 60 minute virtual meetings

  • Available privately or in groups

  • Prices range from $30-$60

  • Workshops for athletes and coaches in aesthetic sports

  • Learn the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions here

Chalking Hands

Overcoming Mental Barriers in Sports Workshop

Available Privately or in Groups


Are you sick and tired of circling and popping your jumps?

Got the twisties?

Do you choke under pressure?⁠

Are you stuck on a skill you were once able to do?

Then join me for Now Body Wellness's Overcoming Mental Barriers in Sports Workshop! This workshop is for gymnasts and figure skaters. All levels are welcome!⁠

In this one hour virtual session, we discuss:

  • Why skaters pop and/or circle their jumps and why gymnasts experience the twisties

  • Why it's so hard to stop this bad habit

  • Learn helpful sports-psychology based tips and tricks for behavior reduction

  • Cognitive restructuring 

  • Interoceptive awareness 

  • And more!

Want to do the workshop one-on-one? Have some skating or gymnastics friends that you would want to do the workshop with!? Both are possible!


How does pricing work?

Workshops are Name Your Own Price / Sliding Scale. This means you choose the rate, which typically ranges from $30 to $60 per session. To learn about why pricing is done this way, click here.

How do I decide how much to pay?

It's strongly encouraged that you choose a rate that feels like an investment in, but doesn't add financial stress! ​​

For example, if you can meet all of your basic needs and are not struggling to partake in the sports you love, an appropriate price for workshops would be $60 and private sessions would be $100. 

If you are meeting your basic needs, but struggling to partake in the sports you love, workshops would be $30 and private sessions would be $40.