Group Coaching for Athletes


Introduction to Intuitive Eating for Athletes

3 hour class via Zoom

When an athlete gets injured, there is a team of medical personnel employed to ensure a speedy, successful recovery. However, when an athlete struggles with mental health issues, the approach is very different and can leave many feeling isolated. In our society, mental health has a stigma that is tied to weakness. Athletes are often perceived as physically healthy and “strong” individuals, with the ability to face challenges on their own. Many believe that mental illness does not affect athletes, according to the National Eating Disorder Association, in an aesthetic sport, such as figure skating, gymnastics and dance, 62% of females and 33% of males are affected by eating disorders.

Athletes face ongoing stress and pressures of training and competition on a regular basis. The pressures can come from parents, coaches, friends, teammates, and/or oneself. Physical injuries, overtraining, and poor performance can also leave an athlete with the potential to develop feelings of depression and anxiety. Not to mention, retirement from athletics later in life subject individuals to a unique set of challenges and circumstances that can make a person vulnerable to feelings of depression or anxiety.

In order to bridge the huge gap between athletes and mental health education & support, there is a course built specifically for athletes in aesthetic sports. This Nutrition Education & Mental Health Resilience Group Coaching Course covers the basics in nutrition education, eating disorder prevention & awareness, and reconnecting to your innate body wisdom to become the strongest, healthiest, mentally resilient athlete you can be. As a virtual and interactive group coaching course, athletes will explore their relationships with food & their body and learn how to take care of their mind & body in a way that benefits training and performance.

Information Covered (but not limited to):

  • Basics in nutrition education (macronutrients & micronutrients)

  • Importance of nutrition in athletes (high metabolic rate, female athlete triad, RED-S)

  • Eating disorder awareness & prevention

  • Correlates of eating disorders in weight-class and aesthetic sports

  • Injury prevention

  • Principles of Intuitive Eating for Athletes

  • Health at Every Size®

  • The Body Positive Model

  • Interoceptive awareness

  • Managing difficult emotions & stress

  • Combating perfectionism

  • Different types of thinking & how it impacts performance

  • Visualization

  • Retirement from sport

  • Body image & social media

  • Importance of community and support in athletics

Recommended for ages 12+


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