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Aimie is here to help you create a wellness plan based on your key areas of interest. Together, we will investigate your readiness for change, overcome mental barriers to change and explore making peace with food and your body.

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One-On-One Wellness & Health Coaching and Intuitive Eating Counseling

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  • Comprehensive Wellness Assessment (first session, 90 min): Session dedicated to motivations, priorities, your wellness vision, values, and making concrete, reachable goals​

  • Weekly One-on-One Sessions in person or via phone/Skype (60 minutes): Check in with what's working and what's not working so you can stay motivated and on track, see where you feel stuck, weekly goals

  • Action-oriented follow-up emails with your goals to support you through your week

  • Unlimited online communication (email) & support

  • Worksheets & Resources

  • Unlimited support and encouragement from your coach

Payments are on a month-by-month basis to allow adding more time without a six-month or one-year contract.